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Kathryn Reeves Certified Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist


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About Kathryn Reeves

Wellness has been a passion for Kathryn for over 25 years.  

Kathryn's first career was in Information Technology. Several years into her career, in an effort to address her own health issues, and with no success with conventional medicine, she became interested in natural food and alternative healing. She left I.T., and began working in a local health food store while exploring alternative modalities for dealing with her health. In the course of her exploration, she acquiring her advanced teaching certification at Integral Yoga Institute in New York, where she later joined the teaching staff. Since then, she's received her certification in Massage Therapy, attended the 2 yr Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College and aquired her certification as a Hypnotherapist.

Kathryn's training in Hypnotherapy includes:

Hypnosis Practitioner Program at The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis Santa Rosa, CA
  - Trance Induction & Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  - Healing the Source of Emotional Pain (Emotional Clearing)
  - Alchemical Past Life Regression and Inner Guides
  - Somatic Healing

Professional Hypnotherapist Program at The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
 - Conference Room Therapy
 - Specific Regiments: Addictions and Phobias
 - Establishing a Professional Practice

Kathryn's training in Massage and Bodywork includes:

Certification in Massage Therapy at The Lauterstein -Conway School in Austin, Texas.

Deep Muscle Massage with David Lauterstein at The Lauterstein -Conway School.

Advanced Anatomy & Pathology at the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies.

Pregnancy Massage w/Tim Holt et al. @ East West Massage School, Sebastopol, CA.

Hydrotherapy - Staff training at The Spa at Montetito Heights, Santa Rosa, CA.

Hot Stone Massage
- Staff training at The Spa at Vineyard Creek Inn, Santa Rosa, CA.

Cranial Sacral Balancing
with Keesha Standley at the Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA.

Thai Table Massage with Tim Holt at the Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA.

Pregnancy Massage with Bridget Scadeng @ Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA.

CranioSacral Therapy I
with Eric Moya CST-D at Upledger Institute International..

CranioSacral Therapy II
with Eric Moya CST-D at Upledger Institute International..

SomatoEmotional Release I
(aka CranioSacral Therapy III) at Upledger Institute  
      with Tim Hutton CST-D 2012
      with Avadhan Larson CST-D 2016

SomatoEmotional Release II
(aka CranioSacral Therapy IV) with Chas Perry Ph.D., CST-D at Upledger Institute International.

Cranial Sacral Balancing-Unwinding
with Jim Gilkeson at the Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA.

The Gokhale Method
with Ester Gokhale at the Gokhale
Institute, Palo Alto, CA

The Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation with Mary Louise Muller and Susan Lange,  Santa Barbara, CAM

Lymph Drainage Therapy with Beverly Cook at the Chikly Institute.

In addition to advanced training in Massage and Bodywork, in CranioSacral Therapy, and in  Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Kathryn has had the opportunity to add to her understanding and experience in healthful living by attending Bauman College in the Nutrition Consultant program. Here she has had the opportunity to fine tune her knowledge in the area of nutrition, with a philosophy of optimal health-incorporating healthy, balanced, organic food, based on Dr Bauman's Eating For Health™ model.

She has also spent considerable time studying the facial exercise programs of several well know instructors, and combined them with the face, jaw and skull techinques used in CranioSacral Therapy, to develop an approach to face, jaw and head pain with superior results.

Kathryn's unique combination of training and experience, coupled with an intuitive and compassionate nature, make her especially effective in addressing the health needs of her clients.

Kathryn specializes in Deep Tissue Massage and CranioSacral Therapy for chronic pain relief with a focus on chronic neck and shoulder pain, facial pain, jaw pain, TMJ, and low back pain,  headache and migraine relief. This, in addition to over 10,000 hours of experience in modalities geared toward relaxation, including Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Thai Bodywork, make her a good choice for both relaxation massage or therapeutic bodywork.

Kathryn also advises on diet, specializing in metabolic syndrome,weight and body concerns, eating disorders/disordered eating, and women's nutrition including PMS and menopause, as well as exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Kathryn is a gardener, hiker and yoga practitioner. She loves travel -having just returned from a trip to the Baltics.   She lives in Sonoma County with her husband, Patrick, and their rescue cat (and decorated mouser), Tucker.



Upledger CranioSacral Certified
California Massage Therapy Council



CMTC # 29329 - California Massage Therapy Council
ABMP # 779705 - Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

IAHP - International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Upledger Certified CranioSacral TherapistIAHP



Kathryn Reeves • 406 Chinn Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 • Call: 707-953-6744