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Past Life Regression

Our true nature is Love. But we have forgotten who we really are.

There are many paths to awakening our True Self. One tool for releasing the blockages to remembering our spiritual identity is Past Life Regression Therapy. This is a dynamic, highly personal process guided by the Higher Self of the individual and the therapist. Past life journeys are powerful experiences that can deepen your understanding of your life purpose and soul lessons.

In current and past lives, we create scripts and dramas that repeat over and over again. Past Life Regression may help to release phobias, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, and physical ailments that limit your growth and well-being. Memories that emerge can be seen as metaphors for unconscious beliefs and feelings that manifest in your current life. Insights from your soul guide the forgiveness and healing of these mental, emotional, and physical patterns is possible.





Upledger CranioSacral Certified
California Massage Therapy Council

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