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Hypnosis For Self Exploration

Have you ever wondered:

 • "Why do I think the way I do?"

 • "Why do I feel the way I do?”

 • "Why did I make that decision?”

These can be challenging questions for people to answer, as often the answer is beyond the reach of our conscious mind.

We have an amazing amount of information and experience stored away in our subconscious mind. Everything we have ever experienced is still within us. We are overflowing with both helpful and not so helpful references, memories, mind files and "coping mechanisms". Often these experiences –which we sometimes can’t even remember- will influence our thoughts and behaviors. The inability to reconnect with our experience and the our learned responses and can lead to internal chaos that finds its expression in physical, emotional and spiritual challenges such as anxiety, anger, insomnia, depression, stress responses, and addictions.

Through greater conscious awareness of our personal histories and our programing, we discover the self. We can replace old ways of thinking with the new mindsets and ways of being that are congruent with what we want and who we are in the here and now, as adults.

This is where we beginning to recognize our true needs, desires, talents, and potential.






Upledger CranioSacral Certified
California Massage Therapy Council

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